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winter golf lessons

Take your game to the next level with winter golf lessons on the TrackMan. Alex Bardani, PGA, will take you through a private lesson with swing data from the TrackMan to provide real-time results. Create your player profile and access your data anywhere, anytime to keep track of your progress.


Step up to the tee in Spring 2022 with your best swing yet!

Alex Bardani Headshot.PNG

Alex Bardani, PGA

Director of Instruction

Alex Bardani, PGA joins Oxford Greens as the PGA Director of Instruction for the 2021 season. He has worked at many of the iconic clubs in Fairfield, Westchester, and Suffolk Counties. Alex is a class A PGA Professional, and certified in Teaching and Coaching since 2016.


Alex's philosophy is to use each golfers' unique learning style and skill set to achieve desired improvement and enjoyment of the game. He has worked with golfers of all skill levels, from scratch players, juniors, and brand new players starting the game.

2021 Lesson Rates

30min -- $60

45min -- $90

60min -- $120

Additional Rates may apply for TrackMan Lessons

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