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The time of year is upon us and one question is being asked? When are you aeration greens? Have you ever asked why? Why do we aerate when the greens seem to be perfect? Many factors go into greens aeration, some of which, include health of plant, time of year, size tine to use etc.. Our greens recover very well from aeration due to the turfgrass variety, they are typically very healthy, rootzone mix is ideal, and we are able to use smaller tines at closer spacing, which results in more surface area disturbed than a larger tine.  Some of the reasons we aerate are to relieve compaction, allow air and gas exchange, remove organic matter, create paths for deep dense rooting.  All of these benefits allow us to have strong healthy greens through the times of stresses.  When the grass plants stress they use up stored carbohydrates in the roots and crowns, so the healthier the roots and crowns the better the plant can handle those summer stresses.  We take pride in how we aerate and our process that we use to get them recovered quickly for our members and our guests. So to answer the question of WHY, I would say to have strong healthy turf that will withstand the stresses of drought, traffic and disease you need to have a strong aeration program.  Our greens benefit from our aeration program and that’s WHY they look great when we aerate.

As always if you have any questions feel free to stop me and ask.