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Why Are Bunkers Inconsistent

Bunkers, oh yes Bunkers!!!! 

We all have a perception of how bunkers should play. Some feel that if their ball lands in the bunker that they should have a perfect lie. Some feel that they should be able to advance the ball 200 yards out of a fairway bunker. This list could go on for some time.  The fact of the matter is that it is almost impossible for bunkers to be consistent no matter what golf course you play. There are many factors that go into bunker consistency including age, design drainage and sand contamination to name a few. We as golfers have MASTERs mentality, that everything should be perfect. Remember bunkers are a hazards and many factors lead to bunker inconsistencies.  I have provided a video below that presents the challenges we face in maintaining bunkers every season. 

 Thank you and remember your efforts in ball mark and divot repair helps tremendously