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Preparing The Golf Course For The Winter

Winter will quickly be approaching and there are a few factors that assist in the success of the turfgrass surviving harsh long winters.  As many of you have witnessed this fall, the abundance of acorns on the golf course are far more than I have witnessed in my 12 years on this property.  The Farmers Almanac suggests when there is a year of more than average acorn production, that the upcoming winter will be harsh and longer than normal.  November is predicted to be above normal temperatures but come December and January it is predicted to be colder and snow is to arrive.  So how do we prepare the course for these winters?  First thing is to give the turfgrass some nutrient supply in order for the plant to store carbohydrates. The plants use their carbohydrate reserves to survive the winter months, so the more the better.  We accomplish this through a late fall fertilization. Another key how early the plant goes into dormancy before a winter snow cover occurs. When the plant acclimates itself naturally it becomes hardened off to some winter harshness. We then will topdressing the greens heavy with sand and not drag it into the canopy, this helps with protecting the crow from crown hydration.  The two main reasons for a successful spring after a harsh winter is a good winter fungicide program and health turf.  For more about this I have attached a link below.


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