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Preparing for the Stresses of Summer 2016

MAY 4, 2016

Spring is upon us, although it’s been very wet and cold, and Summer is fast approaching.

In preparation for the summer stresses the grass plants need to develop their root systems. While roots store carbohydrates in preparation for summer stresses such as drought, traffic and disease the leaf tissue is the source at which the plant has the ability to do so.  Aeration is first and foremost the leading cultural practice to help develop a healthy plant. The moisture from the long winter and wet spring has both helped and hurt to some degree.  On the positive good soil moisture helped with getting the grass plant moving and taking up valuable early nutrients.  One of the most important things to do to manage, during stressful periods is water management.  Spring is important because we want roots to start to go deep in search of water the deeper or longer the root the more nutrients like carbohydrates the plant can store. Summer water management is very critical for plant heath and survival during the summer months.  When temperatures get high with high dew points, 60 degrees and above, the plant starts to go into protection mode.  When dew point and humidity his high the plant stops taking in water. This is when you see our staff lightly watering down the surface; this can cool the turf canopy 5-8 degrees. Over watering during these times can lead to disease and death of grass plants overnight. You may witness me or my Assistant probing the greens, we are actually monitoring the soil moisture. This helps determine how much water the plant needs that afternoon or evening.  We have soil samples taken every spring to determine what our deficiencies are and plan our program.  Proper timing and applications are very important to plant health.  The healthier the plant the more stress it can handle.

I hope to see everyone on the golf course and like always if you have any question about anything please stop me and ask.


Thank you