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Preparing For MY Summer Stress

The title of my blog may have you thinking that I am writing to, again, tell you about how the stresses of summer are upon us and what steps we have taken and how the golf course is going to handle the summer stresses.  Maybe you’re thinking about what restrictions is Bryan going to place on us in order to protect the golf course.  Well I’m changing it up and am going to write about some of the positives and some of the expected unexpected things that cause Golf Course Superintendents Summer Stress.

Let’s start with the expected unexpected situations. Here are my top five.

1.      You’re in the middle of a 10 day heat wave and your plan is to spray greens, your sprayer is full of plant protectants worth $5000, you get to the first green and the pump isn’t working..

2.      It is 4th of July weekend and your irrigation pump goes down..

3.      Your crew shows up early, ready for work and the golf shop calls you and asks if you’re ready for the 8am shotgun tournament..

4.      The morning of the club championship, the mystery illness has infected over half you crew and they all call out…

5.      A rain storm came through overnight and you are cart path only the next morning, your members are found riding on the fairways, you approach them and they say “but I was riding on the high side”

Now let’s go to the positives of summer stress on Golf Course Superintendents. My top six.

1.      When the golf course seems to peak, this for me is usually around the 4th of July, then the heat and humidity humble you overnight.. that aside there have been those moments where I have looked down a fairway and said “wow” that looks good today or watch a group putt the 3rd green and say “probably shouldn’t of put the pin in location 2 today”

2.      While making my way around the course on a gorgeous summer day and golfers let me know how good of a job our crew is doing.

3.      Waking up on those humid mornings, 3:30am, getting to the course and see that your agronomic practices really do work.

4.      Knowing our crew is still working hard and caring about what they are doing and the product they produce.

5.      I would be negligent if I didn’t say that I love coming to work at Oxford Greens for the past 13 seasons and look forward to more years ahead.

6.      Finally as much as I love to come to work, I love being able to go home and enjoy my family.

In short, there are various things that happen and we as managers have to deal with on a daily basis, most of which we hope goes unnoticed by our guests and members. I know I speak for all of our staff, our goal is to give every guest and member the best golfing experience every day.

Thank You,

Bryan Barrington