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Fungicide application and solid chemical programs are vital to turgrass and its success throughout the stress periods.  In order to have a solid fungicide program you must be aware of weather histories and patterns. As equally as important is to be always looking ahead to future weather that may affect the micro climates of the golf course. Knowing the diseases that affect the turfgrass , when they happen, what temperatures they appear at  and humidity all are the starting points for a good fungicide program.  Even with the best programs turfgrasses can succumb to the environmental stresses and fall victim to diseases.  In the recent weeks there has been a major recall on a few fungicide product that have had adverse effects on Bentgrass Greens in the Northeast including Connecticut.  These chemicals had been tainted with an herbicide and have killed entire bentgrass greens, some to the point that the courses have closed due to re-establishing the green surfaces. So, that goes to show you that even when the superintendent has a solid program and has the unfortunate incident of getting a contaminated batch of fungicide, no fault of his own, it is just another thing that we as superintendents have to be aware of. Not to worry I have not purchased any of the chemicals involved or any that have been produced by these companies.