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Course Preparation for the Oxford U.S. Open Day

The minute we decided to pay tribute to one of golf’s major tournament, the U.S. Open, I started putting together a plan in my mind. First how should it play that day? Heights of cut, frequency of watering, staff duties and many other things.  Once I had the plan it was my staff that executed it and did a great job in getting the course into what we thought the US Open “like” conditions would be. The first thing we decided how the greens should play. Height of cut and soil moisture plays a very important role in how we can get to our goal.  Our goal was 13.5 feet of roll for green speed. We started with making sure we protected the greens from disease with a fungicide spray, then we attached brushes to our greens mowers in order to stand the turf up and creating a tighter turf canopy. We then adjusted our mowing height from .110”to .105” and mowed for two weeks.  Then came the light topdressing which helps with firming ans smoothing the turf, resulting in more speed.  Monday morning after mowing at .100”and rolling we reached our goal. Tuesday, the day of the event, we will continue with another mowing at .100”and rolling. The plan for the other turf areas such as tees, fairways and rough were to mow continually to keep tight and clean.  I and my staff had fun in preparing for this event in which it highlights the great greens we have here at oxford greens. I would like to that my Assistants Shaun and Steve for driving the staff to meet our goals.  This event is meant to be a play on the U.S. Open and our architect Mark Mungeam used his influences from some of the most recognized golf course architects in golf history, such as Seth Raynor, C.B. McDonald and Donald Ross. This has resulted in greens like our #8, Turtle, which will be seen by over 4ooK people visiting Pinehurst Resort for the 2014 U.S. Open.