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Best Management Practices

Summer is here and there are some BMP or Best Management Practices we are going to be active in doing.  First, Needle Tine on greens, this is aeration done with a ¼”solid tine. We do this in front of the greens roller or the greens mowers and the holes are barely visible right after with no impact on putting. The benefit to this is gas exchange through the root profile and water filtrating into the soil. During the hot/dry and hot/humid times of summer this allows the putting surfaces moisture to move and not sit on the surfaces and create a great disease pocket.  Secondly in conjunction with needle tining, we will be incorporating a light topdressing program on Tuesdays.  This will be light enough that there will be very little impact on the roll of your ball while putting.  There are several benefits to frequent light topdressing of the putting surfaces.  With a solid topdressing program the ball will roll smoother, the green surfaces will be firmer, the thatch layer will be reduced and or/controlled, allow for lower heights without the chance for scalping, protection of the crown (the going point for the plant) and will increase ball roll, which everyone one wants!!.  The other BMP we are working on is that every Tuesday the staff will be concentrating on bunkers, barring and event of weather or golf, this could be edging, stone and rock removal, weeding and moving sand.  Our bunkers are now in their 12th season and have seen their fair share of washing out and contamination.  Our objective to this is to have better consistency in the bunkers.  The contamination that has happened over the life of the bunkers happens at every golf course, and I would agree that to ours more so. We will be adding sand to them starting with most needed and then most played from.  This will take some time but it is a process and I hope you can understand that I am aware of our situation and am working to make it better.