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Preparing For MY Summer Stress

The title of my blog may have you thinking that I am writing to, again, tell you about how the stresses of summer are upon us and what steps we have taken and how the golf course is going to handle the summer stresses.  Maybe you’re thinking about what restrictions is Bryan going to place on Read More

Preparing for the Stresses of Summer 2016

MAY 4, 2016 Spring is upon us, although it’s been very wet and cold, and Summer is fast approaching. In preparation for the summer stresses the grass plants need to develop their root systems. While roots store carbohydrates in preparation for summer stresses such as drought, traffic and disease Read More

Preparing The Golf Course For The Winter

Winter will quickly be approaching and there are a few factors that assist in the success of the turfgrass surviving harsh long winters.  As many of you have witnessed this fall, the abundance of acorns on the golf course are far more than I have witnessed in my 12 years on this Read More

Why Frost Delays Matter

Frost happens when the temperature at the plant is below freezing; this is why we have frost delays when the air temperature is 38 degrees. Essentially it is frozen dew, ice crystals form on the outside and inside of the plant. When there is traffic on top of grass plants that have frost the plant Read More


It that time of year again, GREENS AERATION. This year our greens will be thanking us for giving them some relief from a long hard stressful summer. When are you aeration greens? Have you ever asked why? Why do we aerate when the greens seem to be perfect? Many factors go into greens aeration, some Read More

Brown Is The New Green!!

Brown Is The New Green!! As you all may be aware we have been in moderate drought over the last month and a half.  You can click on this link to see drought map. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/ Our water supply is at its lowest point since 2007, and may even be our very lowest to date. Read More

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